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Octet, Op.56 “Letter from an Unknown Woman

Stefan Zweig's story of unrequited love, of loss, pain, and obsession, inspired Airat Ichmouratov to compose his seventeen-minute, single-movement Octet in G minor, Op. 56, subtitled Letter from an Unknown Woman. The tragedy, passion, and intense emotion of the letter is played out in Ichmouratov’s music. Octet is also arranged for String Orchestra and featured on composer's most recent recording by Chandos.

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Overture  "The Myth of  Falcon" 

Overture "The Myth of Falcon" Op.65 is inspired by One of the most beautiful and mystical symbols in the Hungarian legendry - Turul, and absolutely doesn't have any relation to any political meanings. The Turul is a mythological bird of prey, mostly depicted as a hawk or falcon, in Hungarian tradition and a national symbol of Hungarians...

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Symphony 1  Op.55 " On the ruins of ancient Fort" Op.55 (2017)

Symphonic fantasy after Armenian epos David of Sassoon Op.11 (2006)

Overture "Halloweenesque" Op.21  Valse for Halloween (2009)

Overture Ville Cosmopolite Op.29  for Symphony Orchestra (2012)

Overture Maslenitsa Op.36  for Symphony Orchestra (2013)

Overture Youth Op.50 for Symphony Orchestra (2016)

Overture "Peter The Great" Op.62 (2019)

Overture "The Myth of Falcon" Op.65 (2020)

Christmas Overture - "Koliada" Op.67 (2020)

Christmas Overture "La Chasse Galerie" Op.70 (2021)

Concerti with orchestra

Concerto for Flute and Orchestra Op.64

Concerto N1 for Viola and Orchestra  Op.7 (2004) 

Concerto N2 for Viola and String Orchestra with harpsicord (in Baroque style) Op.41 (2015)

Concerto for Oboe and Strings with Percussions   Op.6 (2004)

Concerto N1 for Cello and String Orchestra N1 with percussion Op.18 (2009)

Concerto  N2 for Cello and  Orchestra  Op.57 (2018)

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra Op 40 (2014)

Double Concerto for Violin and Cello Op.66 (2020)

Fantasy for Viola and Orchestra" on D.Shostakovich's opera "Lady Makbeth of Mtsensk" Op.12 (2006)

3 Romances for Viola and Strings with Harp Op.22 (2009)

Capriccio Rustico   for Cello   and Orchestra  Op.26  (2010)

The Ride of Cello Vello Buffon   for Cello  with Orchestra  Op.27 (2010)

Fantastic Dances for Clarinet, Cello and Piano with Strings and Percussion Op.15 (2007)

The Final Procession for Clarinet, Cello and Piano with Strings and Percussion  Op.37 (2013)

The Arrival to the City  for Clarinet, Cello and Piano with Strings and Percussion  Op.38 (2013)

Concerto grosso N1 Op.28 for Clarinet, Violin, Viola , Cello. Piano and Strings with percussion (2011)

Concerto Grosso N2 for Harp, Flute (recorder) and violin with Strings (2018)

Concerto Grosso N3 "Liechtenstein" Op.68 (2021)

"Elegy" for Violin  and Strings  Op.32 (2012)

"Windcatcher"  for Clarinet and String Orchestra  Op.17  (2008)

Fantasia on klezmer themes No.1  Op.13 fro clarinet and concert band (2006)

Chamber music

Tone poem  "Letter from an Unknown Woman" Op.56A for String Orchestra

String Octet "Letter from an Unknown Woman" Op.56 (original version)

String Quartet No. 1  Op.1 (2003)

String Quartet No.2 Op.5 / Chamber Symphony N2 for String Orchestra  Op.5A  (2009)

String Quartet No. 3  Op.25  / Chamber Symphony N3 for String Orchestra Op.25A (2010)

String Quartet N4  Op.35  / Chamber Symphony N4 for String Orchestra Op.35A  (2013)

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12 Preludes for woodwind Quintet Op.8  (2005)

Woodwind Quintet Op.63 (2019)

Sonata for Clarinet and Piano “The Bells”  Op.9 (2005)

2 pieces Viola and Piano  Op.10  (2005)

Fantasia on klezmer themes No.2  Op.16 for Clarinet, Piano and String Quartet (2008)

"One day of almost ordinary life" for Clarinet and String Orchestra Op.47A

"One day of almost ordinary life" for Clarinet and String Quartet Op.47

Largo for Sanja , Op 44 for Oboe and Piano

Trio for Clarinet, Violin and Accordion "Tales from the Dinarides" Op.48

Trio for Clarinet, Viola and Piano Op. 61

Trio for Harp, Viola and Flute "Fujin's Dream" Op.58 


3 poems after Alexandre Pushkin  Op.34  for soprano and Chamber Orchestra (2012)

Music for Children

Variations on Children’s Theme Op.23   for Strings and Harp (2010)

Moomin and Magician's Hat Op.24, music tale, based on story by Tove Jansson (2010)

Chamber Suite  from “The Sorcerer’s Hat” Op.24 A (2010)

“Ares” the god of War , piece for youth orchestra (2019)

Shuburchunchiki Op.19  (2010)

Giraffe Op.48 or String Orchestra

Shabarsha for Tap Dancer and String Orchestra Op.39 (2013)

"When land became Water" Music tale, with Puppet Theater and Chamber Orchestra after Neeta Premchand's book.

Violin solo

Klezmer Cadenzas for Beethoven Violoin Concerto Op.33 (2012)

Cello solo

Praeludium for cello solo Op.69 (2021)

Piano solo

5 Preludes for Piano Op.42 (2015)


Jew in Rio Op.2   for klezmer band (2000)

Bolero Op.3   for klezmer band (2000)

The song of the Dead Sea Op.4 for klezmer band (2006)

Clarinet Doina Op.30 For clarinet , klezmer band and  with Symphony Orchestra (2012)

Gut Yontev Op.31 For klezmer band and Symphony Orchestra (2012)

My Mother's Nigun Op.45 for klezmer band (2015)

Little Khosidl Op.46 for klezmer band (2016)

Hora in G for Op.49 klezmer band (2016)

Churchill street Hora Op.51 for klezmer band (2016)

Freilakh for klezmer band Op. 52 (2016)

Soulmate Op.53 for klezmer band (2016)

Waltz Op.54 for klezmer band (2016)­