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String Quartet No.4 Op.35

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The quartet was composed during the short period right after the striking death of Eleonora Turovsky in spring 2012, who was like a second mother for me... first time in my life suddenly aspect of life "Time" passing became very strikingly visual. There are 2 principal subjects in this quartet, Time and Fate (as you can see at the name of Quartet). Time subject presented through all 4 movements as mechanical clock-like rhythms and themes, it's like you always feel the life-clock is ticking... Second subject - the Fate theme...which is a principal theme of 3rd movement, but it appears as well in the final of 1st mv and at the culmination point of 4th to complete the link between all 4 movements... The quartet is commissioned by and dedicated to New Orford String Quartet which was premiered it on 26th July 2013.hich was premiered it on 26th July 2013

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New Orford String Quartet | Par Quatre Chemins

CD | ATMA Classique (CA) | February 2018
Catalog | ACD2 -2740
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