The Overture was commissioned and premiered by MAV Budapest Symphony Orchestra, Daniel Boico -principal conductor in October 2020


orchestration: 3*222*-4231-T+4-Hp-Str | 11 min | Hungarian theme-influenced
Overture “The Myth of Falcon” Op.65 is inspired by one of the most beautiful and mystical symbols in the Hungarian legendry – Turul, and absolutely doesn’t have any relation to any political meanings. The Turul is a mythological bird of prey, mostly depicted as a hawk or falcon, in Hungarian tradition and a national symbol of Hungarians… According to a legend, the mythic bird, the Turul, is the original bird of the original Hungarians, the Magyars, who migrated out of the plains of Central Asia. The legend says that in 896 AD, the bird dropped its sword in what is now modern-day Budapest, indicating to the Magyars that the area was to be their homeland.”According to another legend, this falcon-like bird protected Álmos, one of the leaders of ancient Hungarians in his mother’s dream. The mother, Emese was pregnant when she was dreaming about the fierce bird, who attacked an eagle in the protection of the baby. There are at least 195 Turul statues in Hungary, and there are some more in the neighboring countries