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String Quartet No.4 Op.35 – Downloadable PDF

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The quartet was composed during the short period right after the striking death of Eleonora Turovsky in spring 2012, who was like a second mother for me... first time in my life suddenly aspect of life "Time" passing became very strikingly visual. There are 2 principal subjects in this quartet, Time and Fate (as you can see at the name of Quartet). Time subject presented through all 4 movements as mechanical clock-like rhythms and themes, it's like you always feel the life-clock is ticking... Second subject - the Fate theme...which is a principal theme of 3rd movement, but it appears as well in the final of 1st mv and at the culmination point of 4th to complete the link between all 4 movements... The quartet is commissioned by and dedicated to New Orford String Quartet which was premiered it on 26th July 2013.hich was premiered it on 26th July 2013.

This composition is also available in String orchestra version as Chamber Symphony N4. If interested, please contact me.

available on CD:

New Orford String Quartet | Par Quatre Chemins

CD | ATMA Classique (CA) | February 2018
Catalog | ACD2 -2740
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